With our roots in Bogota, Colombia, the journey to setting up Health and Purity has been a challenging yet enjoyable one. With the support of the health community, a proven track-record of delivering exceptional results, our esteemed customers who have always returned with kind words about our supplements, and our larger-than-life purpose of empowering individuals to become healthy –
we continue to set the bar higher. Here’s how our holistic health and wellness company came into existence:



Our Story

Despite being a natural medicine professional himself, my father developed diabetes ten years ago and has since then been struggling with his sugar illness. Unfortunately, my father’s diabetic disease took a turn for the worse a few years ago, when he was enjoying Indian cuisine at one of his favorite restaurants downtown. His body became intoxicated, and he suffered from a diabetic spill, which led to two of his toes being amputated due to nerve damage. Witnessing first-hand how my father experienced excruciating and compromised on his livelihood was exceptionally painful. It was at this moment that I learned an important lesson – nothing is more valuable than the health.




We Firmly Believe In What We Do

After our personal struggles with health and battling diabetes, we decided to help others and make a difference. No one deserves to suffer from an illness that can be prevented and effectively managed as well as treated. Hence, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring just that. We have helped 20,000 patients get healthy and come up with dietary supplements for a variety of diseases, from anxiety to constipation. Our supplement formulae include tried and tested ingredients in optimal quantities to provide maximum benefits.

At Health and Purity, we are transparent about our ingredient combinations because we have nothing to hide. Our research is based on scientific testing conducted in laboratories and information that has been passed down across generations in our local communities. Our products are made from the freshest and purest ingredients in Bogota, Colombia. Don’t wait around on sickness to make you appreciate your health. Take control of your life while you can. With Health and Purity, giving up on your health and wellness is not an option!
Join us in our journey and create healthy as well as prosperous communities.