BV & Diabetic Yeast Infection Kit


Struggling with BV or Diabetic yeast Infections? We have developed an all Natural Suppository to help support the discomfort of Bacteria Vaginosis & Diabetes induced yeast infections. 

- If battling with BV or Diabetes yeast infection for 1-3 months: We recommend you purchase the 28 days Suppository Kit for $25. We recommend you do an add on with the purchase Bio-Dren blood purifier when purchasing your BV kit - 

- If you have Diabetes, we recommend the add-on for Insuyak for best Results.

- Battling with 6 months- 1-year we recommend you purchase the 2-month Suppository Kit .



Carefully formulated to help bring support to BV and yeast infections

- Base Coconut Oil 
- Essential Oils 
- Lavender
- Thyme
- Clove
- Cinnamon 
- Tea Tree Oil 


Direction of Usage for Products

  • Keep Refrigerated
  • Use 3 times a day: Morning, Afternoon and Nighttime
  • Recommended use when you have 25 minutes to kick up your legs and allow the suppository to absorb
  • Caution, you may need to wear a liner due to excess oil drip 
  • No sexual intercourse for the duration of the time of the suppository kit for best results 

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