Life Fresh


Struggling with anxiousness and depression? Sleep deprivation wreaking havoc over your emotions? Is your personal and professional life getting adversely affected? Life Fresh is a synergistic blend of environmentally friendly natural ingredients, forming an ideal mixture to relieve symptoms of mental disturbance and discomfort.

We created this healthy supplement line to support patients suffering from anxiety, stress, and sleep deprivation. It contains no artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals and hence, is a 100% safe dietary supplement. Life Fresh is an authentic solution made from natural ingredients offering miraculous results. 

Product Details

  • Made from non-GMO naturally obtained ingredients
  • Certified product produced in Bogota Colombia
  • Available in mouth-watering vanilla flavor

Incomparable Benefits

  • Supports improvement of mental health and psychological wellbeing
  • Fights against insomnia while improving sleep cycles
  • Natural dietary supplement for reducing anxiety and stress

Active Organic Ingredients 

  • Green Tea - A healthy bioactive compound improving brain function while improving sleep quality
  • Eggplant - Enriched with Vitamin B that improves neurological functions while reducing anxiety
  • Artichoke - Regulate blood pressure, opposes oxidative stress while easing restlessness
  • Fennel - An active agent to combat against insomnia and reduces body cramps

  • Direction of Usage

    • Add 1 tablespoon to a glass of normal tap water
    • Stir until constituents completely dissolve
    • Recommended for adults or children age 16 or older
    • Refer physician beforehand when pregnant or a nursing mother
    • Can increase the dosage to 2 tablespoons only when necessary

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