Unable to effectively manage your blood pressure? Worried sick because of your elevating blood sugar glucose? Your insulin intolerance taking a toll on your ocular and kidney health?  Enhance the quality of your life with Insuyak – the finest dietary supplement. Insuyak boosts metabolism by managing insulin sensitivity without causing harm to other organs. It is an ideal and completely safe supplement for people suffering from glucose intolerance. 

To ensure health and well-being for the diabetes patients, Health and Purity formulated the Insuyak dietary supplement using high-grade ingredients. Free from preservative and harmful chemicals, this unique supplement is just what you need.

Product Details

  • Made from non-GMO pure organic ingredients
  • Certified product produced in Bogota, Colombia
  • High-quality packaging protecting the constituents from moisture

Incomparable Benefits

  • Supports cardiovascular health while controlling blood sugar metabolism
  • Ensures pancreatic and kidney health shielding ocular strength from insulin intolerance
  • Promotes healthful glucose levels while maintaining healthy blood pressure

Active Organic Ingredients 

  • Yacon Flour - Normalizes hyperglycemia and improves diabetes by controlling insulin sensitivity
  • Cinnamon - Lowers blood sugar level and fights against diabetes imitating the effects of natural insulin
  • Maca Flour - A natural agent aiding in blood sugar control preventing metabolism disorder
  • Green Tea - Significantly reduces fasting blood sugar in diabetes patient and increases insulin sensitivity

  • Direction of Usage

    • Add 1 tablespoon to a glass of normal tap water
    • Can increase the dosage to 2 tablespoons only when necessary
    • Refer physician beforehand when pregnant or a nursing mother

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